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The challenge here was to design a high performance home theater/music system in a house with roots going back to George Washington, and do it as discreetly as possible. Pulling wires and rigging speakers in a house from a house from a different century is often a difficult task, but here is a full 5.3.4 Dolby Atmos theater built around the Paradigm Founders series of speaker and an Anthem AVM 70 processor. The results are powerful, dynamic theater with an immersive surroundfield. Here is a quote from the owner:

'WOW, that’s the first word that comes to mind after experiencing our new system that includes Anthem MRX processor and amplifier that drive the Paradigm Founder series speakers. The whole system was an expensive purchase but it is so much worth the investment that we couldn’t believe it. Robert was really patient in terms of providing detailed explanation to all of our questions with regards to the system as well as competitor products.'

Hilal II