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We've rebooted our reference music/home theater reference setup here at Outreach.  The new, peerlessly awesome Storm Audio ISP 3D Elite processor, PS Audio BHK mono tube/solid state hybrid amps, full 11.3 Dolby Atmos/DTS X/Auro 3D capability -- this is one of the finest rigs on the east coast.

You don't have to be a hardcore audio/videophile to recognize the ease and effortlessness of the sound.  The surroundfield is seamless and immersive, with a sense of unlimited power on tap.  If only most movie theaters sounded as good, but this is attainable in your home.   Not only does it become a meaningful family hub, it's just a blast to look at and listen to, and it's there for you everyday.  If you're a music or movie lover you know these can be much more than just notes and moving pictures -- we provide performance you can feel.    And your experience can be transformed at a number of price levels.  We pride ourselves on providing the best bang for the buck in the business.